What's inside a

Work Life Glue Box?

Every box includes:

- A Book about Work/Life Balance

- Business Products (Office Supplies, Stationery, Tech Gadgets etc,)

- A Mom Product (Timer, Bag Organizer, Keys Finder, Family Calendar, etc.)

- A Self-Care Product (Scrub, Mask, Soap, Bath Bomb, etc.)


Join a Village

You know the phrase "it takes a village"?

This is even more true for those of us trying to balance a business and motherhood at the same time!

Most of us don't have mompreneurs crushing it at motherhood AND business right next door!  So, we bring the tribe to you through the Work Life Glue Box exclusive community!


Expert Training

In addition to our community, we will have monthly trainings by experts in each month's theme teaching us business tips and work/life balance advice specifically for mompreneurs!

So, not only do you receive products that will help improve your life and business, pamper you, and bring your family together, but you will also have a community PLUS training to walk alongside you during the process!


How It Works

1. Pick your subscription

Choose to subscribe monthly or choose a 3 or 6-month subscription length. 

2. Receive your box

 At the beginning of the next month, you will receive your box filled with items to make your life better! 

3. Improve your life

 Using the products, online community, online trainings, and resources, improve your life with a whole "village" around you helping you along the way! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many products will I receive?

You will receive a minimum of five products each month.  A book, 2+ business items, a mom item, and a self-care product.  Sometimes there will be more!

What is the retail value of each box?

The box value includes the monthly box itself ($60+ value), exclusive online community ($50+value), business + work/life balance training ($100+ value), plus FREE shipping!

I'm not a mom - can I still subscribe?

Of course!  Most months, all products (even the mom product) will not be kid-focused so they will be helpful to any female business owner.  Occasionally the mom product will be chosen to do with kids, but that can easily be gifted to someone or used with any young loved ones!  There may occasionally be products with the word "mom" or "mama" on them.

I'm not a business owner - can I still subscribe?

Of course!  Most products can be used and enjoyed by any woman and mom, especially working moms in an office job of some sort.  This box is also wonderful for a mom wanting to start a side hustle or business - we've got a tribe to help support you and trainings to make it easier!

Where does the box ship to?

Currently, the box ships within the United States and Canada only.

When does the box ship each month?

The box ships around the 26th of each month, and should arrive on or around the 1st of the month so you can dig in and get started!

Does the box cater to moms at a specific stage?

 Moms come from multiple generations, and our kids span many decades in ages!  The box does not cater to one specific age range of children, since there aren't specifically kid products included, but the box is designed for a mom with kids still in the home that vary in age.

Will I know the theme or contents ahead of time?

Not usually.  One of the best parts about subscription boxes is the element of surprise!  I usually announce the theme but never the contents besides a sneak peek here or there.

When do I need to order by to receive the next box?

You need to order 10 days before the 5th of the month to receive the most recent box.  For most months that will be around the 25th of the month.  If ordered after that, you will receive the next shipment.  For example, if you order on January 25th, you will receive the February box.  If you order on January 28th, past the cutoff date, you will receive the March box.

What if I don't like a box's contents or a product or two?

I work very hard to make the boxes as usable and helpful to as many moms as possible.  Due to the nature of subscription boxes, all sales are final.  No refunds can be made.  All products are brand new, so they would make great gifts, and all items are purchased for under retail value!

Are you ready to take your motherhood and business to the next level?